EcoPoxy UVPoxy


"UVPoxy® is a high-performance two-component clear epoxy system designed for tabletops, wood finishing, embedding objects, artwork, and other applications requiring a clear, strong epoxy coating, specifically designed to resist yellowing caused by the sun and other UV sources.

UVPoxy® cures to a water-clear, high-gloss finish that is compatible with many substrates. It is formulated to have increased UV stability, moderate viscosity, and moderate system reactivity to allow for excellent air release and use in quick setting applications.

The appearance of UVPoxy® can be customized using EcoPoxy’s super-concentrated Metallic Color Pigments, Liquid Color Pigments, and Polyester Color Glitters. Compatibility of the cured system with a variety of finishing methods, application techniques, and products ensures that desired custom finishes can be achieved.

The material has an easy-to-use 1-to-1 by volume mix ratio, wets out substrates well, and maintains its integrity over sharp corners. While UVPoxy® has been formulated to resist yellowing, it is not recommended for permanent outdoor applications."

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