Hand Hewn Poplar Mantel MT1014


We carry an extraordinary array of wood mantels for your fireplace, both reclaimed and new.  The rustic appeal of reclaimed mantels is the history of the antique barns from where they often originate, while new clean-planed mantels offer a modern, stylish appearance.

From reclaimed hand hewn oak and chestnut, to white oak, walnut, and cherry, all of our mantels are kiln dried and can be custom cut to any length - up to 24 feet long!  We can also sand and finish your mantel on request for an additional charge.

Please note, any mantel 12 feet in length or greater can be sold in halves.  So long as we can retain 6 feet to sell separately, we will charge half the listed price to sell half of a large mantel.

Mantels can be mounted to brick, stone, or sheet rock.

1 board foot/square foot in stock.

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